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Air Conditioning In Ivanhoe

Here at Templestowe Heating & Cooling, you will find the very best air conditioners available at the best prices. Ivanhoe locals can visit our showroom, request a quote, or call on our team for delivery and installation of a new air conditioner at their home or workplace. We provide full after sales service, including tuition, maintenance, and repairs.

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Split System, Evaporative and Bulkhead Air Conditioning Installation in Ivanhoe

Available at affordable prices, the air conditioning installation solutions Ivanhoe locals get from Templestowe Heating And Cooling are made to fit the demands and requirements of modern living. Accurately and securely installed our air conditioning units are placed in optimal locations for maximum airflow, improving efficiency and lowering energy and running costs.

Make your home liveable in the harsh Australian summer months with the reliable, responsive, and efficient air conditioning Ivanhoe residents and beyond can get from Templestowe Heating And Cooling.

Having supplied, installed, and improved split system, evaporative and bulkhead air conditioning units throughout Melbourne for over 50 years Templestowe Heating And Cooling have the expertise to back up our commitment to customer satisfaction. This means that we deliver the level of service that we would expect ourselves if the roles were reversed.

Technical Expertise And Cutting Edge Technology

At Templestowe Heating And Cooling we know the importance of providing the right service for the right price. Thanks to our competitively-priced and accurate air conditioning installation services our customers living across Melbourne can find relief from the hot days and the unbearable nights that are common during the summer months.

AC Service and Repair

Has the air coming out of your air conditioner lost its chill? Is your home getting warmer in the summer no matter how low you set your air conditioner? Restore the condition and function of your air conditioning system thanks to the timely and detailed repair and service solutions from Templestowe Heating And Cooling.

With our modern air conditioning improvement and aftercare services Ivanhoe locals and beyond can avoid their air conditioner from succumbing to age or easily fixed issues. Save time and money thanks to Templestowe Heating And Cooling!

Living in Ivanhoe? Call Templestowe Heating And Cooling Today

For prompt, professional, and personalised air conditioning supply, installation, or repair solutions look no further than Templestowe Heating And Cooling. Learn more about our focused and precise services today by calling us on 03 9852 2335.

Air Conditioning Services in Ivanhoe

Templestowe Heating and Cooling offers a range of air conditioning services in Ivanhoe, tailored to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our services include:

  1. Split Systems:

Templestowe Heating and Cooling offers high-quality split system air conditioners that are perfect for small spaces. Split systems are easy to install and provide effective cooling and heating for individual rooms.

  1. Multi-Head Split Systems:

Multi-head split systems are ideal for those who want to cool or heat multiple rooms using a single outdoor unit. They offer flexible temperature control and can be customised to meet your specific needs.

  1. Bulkhead Air Conditioning:

Bulkhead air conditioning is a discreet and effective solution for cooling or heating large spaces. The units are installed into the ceiling, making them perfect for areas with limited wall space.

  1. Ducted Refrigerated:

Ducted refrigerated air conditioning is a popular choice for homeowners who want to cool or heat their entire home using a single system. Templestowe Heating and Cooling offers ducted refrigerated systems that are energy-efficient and easy to operate.

  1. Gas Ducted Heating + Evaporative Cooling:

Gas ducted heating and evaporative cooling systems are perfect for those who want a cost-effective way to heat and cool their home. They offer excellent energy efficiency and are easy to maintain.

At Templestowe Heating and Cooling, we pride ourselves on delivering top-quality air conditioning services that are tailored to meet the needs of each customer. Whether you need a new system installed or require repairs and maintenance, our team of experts is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our services and to schedule an appointment.

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We have been providing great customer service and top quality products to Australian families and businesses for over 50 years

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We provide full after sales service and repairs onsite.

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This is a great family owned and operated business. I have had great service from them on a number of occasions and also purchased good quality products. There assistance at fault finding a TV reception issue at an apartment complex I manage was invaluable. They are my go to team for anything or air conditioning. 👍

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Andy Sark

My mother needed a TV and this company went out of their way to assist,. This companies service is terrific.

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Michael Sterling

My TV died, and I took it here for repairs. The proprietor basically talked me out of getting it fixed and talked me in to getting a new one, which I did. At the Good Guys. Still, the man was honest and you have to respect that in this day and age. If my TV dies again, I will come here first. Highly recommended.

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Phuc Yiu

Great service, knowledge and pretty sharp prices

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Jerome Richards
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